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  • Where art meets entrepreneurship

    Creature supports the development of cultural projects so as to put culture at the heart of society again. We call out everyone who would like to realise a cultural project, without any restriction.

    Thanks to the three departments at Creature, we re-inject culture in today’s society and we give back to culture its role at the centre of every human activity.

    Creature School offers a free training programme that trains to cultural entrepreneurship and gives access to our incubator.

    Creature Accelerator is a business incubator that offers a personalised guidance in the development of cultural projects to develop activities and create jobs.

    Creature Agency offers workshops and talks on cultural subjects to businesses which desire to know better the cultural sector and to bring culture in their activities so as to enlarge their perspectives.



Creature School
TRAINING TO CULTURAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP:CREATURE wants entrepreneurship and culture to meet. Our goal is to create businesses, activities, and jobs in the cultural sector thanks to a synergic environment.Our international school has a social and solidarity goal. In this context, we commit to...
Creature Accelerator
Music, theatre, publishing, design & so on: Creature accompanies tomorrow's cultural entrepreneurs
Creature Agency
Creature Agency has a catalogue of cultural workshops addressed to businesses.These workshops are aimed to big businesses who wish to bring culture in their everyday life’s activities and to develop creativity.We create personalised activities through modular workshops, consulting and seminar...



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