Hello everyone.

This post is a short introduction to the Newsletter. Here you will find information on the purpose, utility and sections included in CULTURESHIP’s Newsletter.

Many important events have started to occur for CREATURE and the CULTURESHIP Project. We have decided to create a weekly Newsletter that will keep you informed in the latest updates about our project. Here we will introduce our newest partners, remind you of our Funding deadlines and requisites, write about our last activities surround the project, and even share bits and pieces of news in the art, culture and education world.

We also wish our Newsletter to serve as another tool of communication between everyone in the network. The Newsletter will have a space to allow any of our partners to spread important news from their organization. And it will also feature a section where we will introduce with more detail each and every one of the members of this network.

For this purpose, we have decided to divide our letter into Sections. Any Newsletter will have any combination of some or all of the Sections. The Sections included in our Newsletter are:

a) ACTIVITIES: General activities or events organized surrounding or in development of the CULTURESHIP Project.

b)TOOLS: We will present any pedagogical, online or artistic tool that is used by our team, could be used for the project or on the network, or that we find particularly useful and interesting.

c)NETWORK: The latest news about the CULTURESHIP Network itself. In this section you will find updates on our latest partners. This is also the Section for the members of the CULTURESHIP Network. If your organization wished to spread important news, we offer you this space in our Newsletter to do it. Feel free to contact any of our emails (or click here) to send us information about your news.

d)FUNDING: In this section we will keep you informed about everything related to our Funding applications. Requisites, deadlines and results will be posted.

e)PROFILES: This Section will be used to introduce each partner or member of the CULTURESHIP Project. You will find more about the people who are working together in this project.

f)IN THE NEWS: We will highlight at least one news article about education, culture, art, startups or technology in this section. Feel free to send us proposals.

g)PICK OF THE WEEK: Yes, we are developing an online training experience, but everyone at the CULTURESHIP Project is an artist or loves artistic expression. In this Section you will find our artistic pick of the week: a photography collection, a group of poems, or an exciting short-film. We will look all around Europe and the world, but will try to focus on the countries where we are working. If you want to highlight something coming from your region, feel free to send it to us, so we can include it!

As with the CULTUREHSIP Project, this is a collaborative idea. The team in CREATURE Paris will make sure you are always updated on the project, but the newsletter is open to anyone who wishes to participate. We hope this new initiative from the CREATURE team will prove to be valuable to our multi-lateral relationship, and to help us maintain a solid, open and communicative collaboration network.

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