Creature School


CREATURE wants entrepreneurship and culture to meet. Our goal is to create businesses, activities, and jobs in the cultural sector thanks to a synergic environment.

Our international school has a social and solidarity goal. In this context, we commit to offer a free training as we want it to be accessible to anyone. We want to be part of the reemergence of culture in human activities.

Creature launches its pilot programme in February 2017. This is a three-month programme and it already offers all the essential tools that our long training will provide. This training helps students define their projects and realise them.


This training aims at revealing our students' potential. We offer a programme linked to the students, their interests and their abilities.

This opportunity is not like other programmes to cultural entrepreneurship. The personalised tutoring is the basis for our action; our pedagogic team follows up the students' projects and personal development.

The programme is adaptable thanks to innovative pedagogic methods. Teaching is mixed and personalised: we offer both an academic and a professional path. Our teaching resources are varied -learning circles, MOOCs- and students can specialised in one area, according to their interests and to the needs of their projects. Our partners support our action and give the opportunity to our students to enter their cultural network.

This programme helps the students define and realise their projects. By the end of the training, each student will have acquired the tools, the skills and the network needed to make their projects viable in the world of cultural entrepreneurship.

Our goal is to help the creation of businesses and jobs thanks to a synergic environment CREATURE SCHOOL is the harvest of the new cultural players.

Procédure d’admissibilité et d’admission

links to be communicated

On Friday January 13th 2017 from 2pm to 6pm : Open day about the formation at the Liberté Living Lab (9 rue d'Alexandrie, 75002 Paris).

Register here

Until the January 25th 2017 : Manifest your interest

  • First contact: register your contact details and your profile
  • Online questionnaire on cultural and artistic interests

Until the January 28th 2017 : Interviews

An informal meeting to talk about our mutual interests and to perceive the potential in our collaboration. Come and be yourself!

Before the January 31th 2017 : Validation of applications

Files to attach:

  • CV
  • A picture of you, that says something about your personality (any kind of photography is valid)
  • Cover letter
  • Transcripts of the last year in an academic institution (photocopies, scans, and photography are valid)
  • Enrolment fee: 80€

Induction : on the February 6th 2017